Space Trader is a port of the Palm OS game of the same name, created by Pieter Spronck. A classic among Palm gamers of the era, it was named Freeware Game of the Year by Handheld Computing in 2000.

This Android port faithfully reproduces the original game. Your goal is to earn enough money, whether by honest trading or other, seedier means, to retire to your own moon. Buy goods on one planet to sell to another, but watch out for space pirates! If you're tough enough, hunt down pirates to earn rewards. If that seems too above-board, try smuggling illegal items for spectacular profits. Or, if you'd rather, become a pirate yourself and rob other traders of their goods. Be careful, though. The police take notice of illegal activity...

Just like the original, Space Trader for Android includes:

  • Four different skills with which to customize your character.
  • Ten different trade goods, two of which are illegal but very profitable.
  • Ten different ship types, some well-suited for particular play-styles.
  • More than ten different ship upgrades, some of which are common, and others only available as rewards for particularly noteworthy deeds.
  • Over 100 unique worlds randomly generated for each new game.
  • Over a dozen missions and special encounters, if you can find them.

This Android port also has new features:

  • New high resolution reproductions of the original in-game graphics!
  • Five different themes! Choose between light or dark versions of Android's Holo and Material styles, or truly bring back the past with classic Palm colors.
  • Optionally randomize quest systems. No longer return to the same places over and over again every game!
  • Line-by-line examination of the original game code led to over 15 bugfixes included in the port.
  • Optional UI updates including extra shortcuts, zoom gestures, and animations.

This game is free software under the GNU General Public License. You can view the source code for this game at https://bitbucket.org/brucelet/space-trader